Friday, July 04, 2008

People am stupid

Why are there CNN news reports about Susan Olson (aka Cindy Brady) throwing up during an early morning radio broadcast because she was hung over.

Why do we have to hear how shocked the DJ was because it was CINDY BRADY throwing up.

Um... Cindy Brady is SO very NOT real.
The Brady Bunch is a fantasy.

Why does the shock jock DJ act like he is so shocked about it?
I can't believe that adorable, lisping, wholesome Cindy Brady DRANK wine. She drank. She was drunk! Oh no.

And then of course the radio broadcast is probably sponsored by some brand of beer or vodka...

But shame, shame on Cindy Brady.
Shame on the actress Susan Olson for being a real live human being.
You are not supposed to be human. You are supposed to be the human that we want you to be even though we think that that human is stupid anyway and we make fun of her lisping but really when we make fun of “thindy brady” lisping, we are making fun of the real live Susan Olson who never really lisped that badly anyway but now she is known for being the youngest one in curls who lisps.

Oh and it looks like she has had a face lift...