Monday, June 23, 2008

Sam's favorite TV show...

I was folding laundry the other day and had the tv on in our bedroom. Sam, our adorable cat was sitting there on the bed keeping me company. It was early sunday afternoon and not much was on TV although I did notice that the retro show, “Davey and Goliath” was on. I hadn't seen that show in years and so I switched it on. I remember liking this show when I was a kid. I liked his sister Sally's hair. She was mildly retarded as I remember... anyway, I am focusing on folding t-shirts and glance up and SAM is sitting there watching the show, just as content as can be. And he is actually watching it. And not just staring at the moving images, but looking at the specific “puppet” when it talks... he really seemed to be following along with the story.
Cracked me up.