Saturday, July 12, 2008

I know, I know...

I have to be more “self absorbed” as an anonymous comment suggested.
So with that in mind, what if I actually TRY to write in this everyday?! Even if it's just a sentence or a declaration of what the weather is.
Here is what the weather is:
The weather is what happens outside of your house when you look outside either through the door or window or hole in the roof if there is one in which perhaps, the weather is quite severe.
The ACT of looking out doesn't create the weather, the weather is something that just happens.

Here are some guaranteed ways to actually CONTROL the weather...
  • If it is raining, buy an umbrella at the nearest store. The rain will stop almost immediately (especially if you spend more than twenty dollars on the umbrella).
  • If you want it to be cold, do not on any circumstance where a jacket or sweater. In fact, where a tank top and short shorts and as the day progresses, it will get very chilly.
  • This also works for warmth as well. So bundle up and it will be nice and warm for the day.
There was a pretty decent thunderstorm last night. I love thunderstorms. I especially love them when I am inside the house. I love how the whole building can shake sometimes depending on the intensity of the thunder clap. Perhaps it's the fact that it is a thunder CLAP because as an entertainer, I ofcourse enjoy applause. (Unless it's the applause one hears after being boo'd off the stage and as you exit, they applaud.)

So I hope anonymous is happy.
I hope this isn't just a bunch of drivel.
I hope that there actually IS a word called drivel and that I used it properly.
But then again, I don't give a crap, it's my blog I can make up words if I want.

Have a ding dong dilly of a Saturday!!!!
Tomorrow is Jason's birthday. Although this weekend (beginning last night) was declared, “Jason's birthday weekend!”

I seem to be enjoying the word “declared” today.