Monday, July 28, 2008

up north...

I am presently up in Boulder Junction, Wisconsin.

Jason and I are staying at a private resort with pretty much my entire family (all in separate cabins). It is the complete opposite of our normal lives in Chicago and so that makes for the perfect vacation. The only thing that ties us to our normal lives is that each rustic cabin is equipped with DSL!!!!! And the cabins aren't that rustic. In fact, we have one of the nicest ones!
We have relaxed, napped, taken the little outboard motor boat out for a spin, Jason kayaked, we went into the “big town” of Minacqua and went to Paul Bunyans logging house cook shanty on a stick or whatever it was called. Before the two of us where spread each and every kind of animal to eat... pig, chicken, cow... just the usual ones, nothing exotic. And dang if they weren't REAL good.

Not much else to do. Napping is the best part of all.