Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tell a story...

What a great Three Cat Thursday's show.
It was a last minute replacement.
Jason had to cover for an artist who had to cancel. So he called up three other “monologuests:” Roberta Miles, Jillian Ericson and Kelsie Huff and the four of them each told stories.
After listening to each of them, I came away with a head full of so many original images, images that I helped to create by listening to these stories... movies in my brain. I realized that it's important to have this experience... frequently. It's good to hear stories told by artists on a bare bones stage. The only thing to enhance the imagination is the sound of their voice, their facial expressions and the trip they take you on as you fill in the details, the pictures.
I felt like my mind got a great work out and it's a great addition to just watching tv and letting IT do all the work.
As a cabaret artist, I realize now how important it is to tell a story and ENGAGE the listener. Let them do the work too... a duet between you and the audience. You don't have to work as hard as you think... just TELL the story.