Wednesday, May 07, 2008

American I-DULL

So this year, I have not been watching IDOL. I tuned in last night to see the four remaining singers. Aside from Lil' David and the guy without the dreads (news report to caucasians... enough with the dread locks... ya look stupid and yes I am being 100% judgemental)... the guy sans dreads... they SUCK. So I guess I am saying, two are good and two stink.

The dread head dude... just AWFUL! Get ye to a Karaoke bar and swiftly!

The girl... Cardboard cutout of a zillion other girl singers. Ho if it's HUM.

The guy who isn't David Archuletta is good. Interesting voice. Good stage presence. But doesn't really do it for me. The Archuletta kid has a golden voice, is adorable and it sounds like he is losing his voice. Just give him the prize so he can go and rest.

Interesting when you are not invested in the show. It all seems rather stupid.
And the audience of teeny bopper girls screaming their heads off. It is SO stupid. They are just acting like they think they are supposed to act because they saw some black and white archive footage of a beatles concert. I feel like this show is now taking the art of performing and making a mockery of it.

Oh, and Paula is retarded.