Sunday, March 09, 2008

the still of winter... still...

Today, the Chicago Sun Times said that the weather would be crunchy!


Crunchy? I immediately think of cereal.

Winter is NOT fortified with vitamins. It's just cold and hangs around too long. Go away winter. I am flicking the light switch on and off. Go. GO!!!!! Get outa here. Last call for Winter.

I noticed that aside from it being very cold, March came in like a lamb. So I guess it's going to go out like a lion and I am hoping this means delicious thunder storms and then April... warmer... rainy... worms coming up for a peek from sidewalk cracks. That wonderful clean smell in the air as we get weather washed and primed for spring. Rainy afternoons, dark out and making inside bright and cozy... comforting.

But for now, oh well... it's crunchy.